Back to School Nights 2017

The faculty and staff at Ellis Middle School looks forward to our Back to School Parent Night events that will begin this week. We value our parent partnerships and we realize that maximizing student success is only possible when we work collaboratively together. Please see the below dates and information concerning the structure of the events:

Back to School Parent Night Dates and Times

  • 6th Grade – Thursday, August 24th – 6:00 – 7:45 P.M.
  • 7th Grade – Monday, August 28th – 6:00 – 7:45 P.M.
  • 8th Grade – Thursday, August 31st – 6:00 – 7:45 P.M.

Event Format

Parents will enter through the back doors near Memorial Stadium and report to the gym upon arrival. A brief principal’s presentation will occur to begin the evenings. Parents will report to the 1st core content area (ELA, Math, Science, or Social Studies) at 6:20 after the principal’s presentation in the gym. An announcement will be made every 8 minutes for rotations to occur to move to the next core content area allowing parents to gain information from each teacher. A related arts showcase will occur in the cafeteria to conclude the activities. We discourage students from attending as space is limited in each classroom and all information will be designed for parents. Please park in the back lot near the stadium as the front doors will not be open. See the detailed schedules below.

6th Grade Schedule – Thursday, August 24th

6:00 – 6:20 – Principal Presentation in the Gym (parents will report to the gym on arrival)
6:20 – 1st Period
6:31 – 2nd Period
6:42 – 5th Period
6:53 – 6th Period
7:04 – 7th Period
7:15 – 8th Period
7:25 – 7:45 – Related Arts Open House

7th Grade Schedule – Monday, August 28th

6:00 – 6:20 – Principal Presentation in the Gym (parents will report to the gym on arrival)
6:20 – 1st Period
6:31 – 2nd Period
6:42 – 3rd Period
6:53 – 4th Period
7:04 – 5th Period
7:15 – 6th Period
7:25 – 7:45 – Related Arts Open House

8th Grade Schedule – Thursday, August 31st

6:00 – 6:20 – Principal Presentation in the Gym (parents will report to the gym on arrival)
6:20 – 3rd Period
6:31 – 4th Period
6:42 – 5th Period
6:53 – 6th Period
7:04 – 7th Period
7:15 – 8th Period
7:25 – 7:45 – Related Arts Open House

Thank you for your support of Ellis Middle School and we look forward to our time together to provide a “real-world” snapshot what our students experience daily.

Cougar Classic 2017

Ellis Middle School will host the Ellis Cougar Classic 2017 on February 17th-19th! For those of you new to Ellis, this is our BIG spring fundraiser, which includes an indoor soccer tournament for teams all over Middle Tennessee and a lot of fun school activities for students during the month of February! Friday night, February 17th is Cougar Student Night where the Ellis students have an opportunity to play on a “fun” soccer team and/or come cheer on their friends that are participating! Also, there are lots of other ways for kids that are “non-soccer” players to get involved! Here is a brief list of everything involved with the Cougar Classic and what is available to you and your students:

  • Sponsorships- Do you own a company or work for a business that would like to become a sponsor for the Cougar Classic? Lots of different levels available with many marketing perks such as a banner in the gym for a full year! We also have a Family Banner available for those families that want to make a larger contribution. Each family donating $250 or more will be added to the banner, which is displayed in the gym. Contact Julie Gafney at with any questions or interest.
  •  “Raise A Paw” – A simple and easy way for all parents to contribute to our Cougar Classic Spring Fundraiser. Students bringing in a minimum $25 donation have their name placed on a paper “paw” that is posted in the school’s cafeteria. New this year… we will be building “Class Chains” for every dollar donated through “raise a paw”. These chains will be displayed at the pep rally, where the overall class winner will be announced! Donations are tax deductible. We have fabulous prizes to give away in daily drawings and grand prize drawings to those kids who have “raised a paw” for Ellis. More info to come the first week in February, along with the Raise a Paw form!!!! Thank you to Jamie Spurlock and Digital Connections Inc. for being our “Prize Sponsor” which allows us to provide some awesome prizes to the kids! 
  • Cougar Candy Grams- This is a fun way for students to receive M&Ms and Sour Punch Straws from their family and friends for Valentines Day. Orders will be taken before school starting February 6th-16th and the Candy Grams will be delivered to the students on Friday, February 10th & Friday, February 17th. More info to come along with the order form!
  •  Ellis Student Fun Soccer Teams- Ellis students are given the opportunity to build a “fun” soccer team amongst friends and peers that will compete with other soccer teams in their same grade. These “fun” teams will compete Friday night, February 17th. This is also Cougar Student Night where all Ellis students and parents are invited to watch the soccer games and enjoy something from concessions! More info about forming a team will be announced the first week of February, so tell your kids to be listening for details!
  • Cougar Fun Games- The mornings of February 15th, 16th, and 17th at 7:00 a.m. the students can bring $1 OR a can of food for a chance to participate in some challenges that include Football, Frisbee, Basketball and Soccer. These events will be held in the gym before school and gives the students “bragging” rights for strutting their stuff in front of the entire student body! All money and food will benefit local community and church food banks. More details to come….
  • Volunteer- Would you like to help out this year and make it the best Cougar Classic yet? It takes a village to pull this event off so we need YOU! Email Kim Brisson at to get involved!
  • Social Media- LIKE, RETWEET & SHARE Cougar Classic!!! Cougar Classic has a FB page: and you can also find us on Twitter: Classic and Instagram: There will be a lot of reminders and updated information on Social Media so make sure your kids get on too!

Thank you in advance of your support of the Cougar Classic and if you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Cornelia Hines- 615-585-8019 

Shaunda Kohls- 615-681-1741

Julie Shuck 615-948-2068

Red Ribbon Week

“Red Ribbon Week” has been a week celebrated throughout all Sumner County schools for many years in which we promote to our students the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the consequences that come with the abuse of drugs and alcohol.  We will have a special guest speaker for our 8th grade students and will promote celebrating this year’s theme of “YOLO: Live it Right!” with daily dress up days online casinos (YOLO stands for You Only Live Once).  Daily announcements will be made and lessons will be shared throughout classrooms.   Please join us in reinforcing the message at home and reminding our students of the daily dress up days.  Here they are:

  • Monday, October 24th – Pink Out Day (Wear Pink in Celebration of Remaining Drug Free and the Fight Against Cancer)
  • Tuesday, October 25th – Hat and Jersey Day (Put a Cap on Drugs and Team-Up to Fight Addiction)
  • Wednesday, October 26th – Star Wars vs. Harry Potter (Creativity and Imagination are Only Possible with a Healthy Mind)
  • Thursday, October 27th – Wear Red Day Across all Sumner County Schools (Wear Red in Celebration of Being Drug Free)
  • Friday, October 28th – Decade Day (Display Trends from Your Favorite Decade to Celebrate Life)

*Students will be expected to follow the dress code unless a specific exemption has been granted.

We look forward to helping our students develop a greater understanding of how positive choices can create pathways to a happier, healthier future full of adventure and accomplishing their dreams.

Welcome Back to School!

We are excited to welcome all students, teachers, and parents back to Ellis Middle School this year. As mobile gambling we gear up for a great year there are several important dates to keep in mind:


Back to School Night – 6th Grade
Thu, Aug 25
6:00 PM –  7:30 PM
Back to School Night – 7th Grade
Mon, Aug 29
6:00 PM –  7:30 PM
Back to School Night – 8th Grade
Thu, Sep 01
6:00 AM –  7:30 PM

We will have an information table set up – so please stop by to learn more about Ellis PTO!

See you there!

Cougar Classic is ON!

Hello Parents:  Cougar Classic is ON rain or shine, school or no school!!!!!! We are going to be optimistic that school will be in session tomorrow so here is the revised snow plan for the Cougar Classic Weekend February 12th-14th!

Free T-shirts- The shirts are in the first period classrooms so the kids can just put them on in the morning!

Candy Grams- We are extending the sale of Candy Grams and selling tomorrow(2/12) and next Wednesday through Friday. We will still have a delivery tomorrow and next Friday as well. The Pixie Sticks are $1 each, chocolate roses are $3 each or 5 for $10.

Raise A Paw- We are also extending the RAP campaign and it will end next Friday, February 19th. We will still offer daily cash prizes on tomorrow,  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week!  The grade that has the highest participation will get to each lunch outside, have Maggie Moos and have a bubble ball party in the gym for the entire grade all on Friday, March 18th!  This is Ellis’ biggest fundraiser all year long and we need YOU to help make it happen! We can’t help Mother Nature but we can have a great time this weekend and support our incredible Ellis Middle School!!!

Cougar games: We are going to have the Frisbee, football throw and soccer shootout at the same time! Starting at 7:05 tomorrow in the gym. Bring in a can of food or $1.00 for a chance! All monetary donations go to the Samaritan Center and all food will go to Our Lady of the Lake Church.

Pep Rally- The Pep Rally will start at 1:30 in the gym. The t-shirt design contestants will be recognized, the fun soccer teams will be announced and the select group of teacher and staff will play a soccer game all while rolling around in a bubble ball!

Friday Night Cougar Night- The Fun Soccer Games are ON school or no school! So come on out and support Ellis while watching soccer and enjoying concessions!  Everyone is probably a little stir crazy anyway with the snow days! First game starts at 3:45 with the 7th grade! Gate fee is $5.00 per person(5 and under free) OR you can buy a weekend pass for $8.00.  Spirit wear will also be on sale and we will have gate ticket drawings at 5:00, 8:00 and 10:00!!! If medical releases have not been turned in for each player, the student will NOT get to play!

All Students MUST leave campus tomorrow after school and cannot return until 3:30. This is a very important rule to end the school day, kids leave, and  then return for Cougar Night!!!!!

The competitive soccer teams start Saturday morning and go all day/night long Saturday and Sunday! Gate $5.00 per person (5 and under Free)

Thank you to everyone for their donations and help so far. Any questions please contact Cornelia Hines  OR Shaunda Kohls

Thank you to our title sponsor Dollar General, our Classic Sponsors: David Kimbrough and Higgs Pediatric Dentistry and our Cougar sponsors: Indian Lake Weight Loss Center, INFINITE Connections and Kids City Smiles, Dr. Mary Beth Tabor and Dr. Clair Poff!

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